Marketing Services


As part of our portfolio we also provide the complete set of marketing services needed to establish or run a successful business in the IT and communication markets.

Our services include analysis, planning, management, execution and control of marketing activities. We will also support our customers to set up a marketing operation and provide assistance in areas like organisation, recruiting, processes, budgeting and agency selection. Until the marketing operation is fully functional we supplement the team where necessary.

In order to provide excellent services at (local) market prices we rely on partners like any professional marketing operation. We subcontract specialized agencies and individual professionals in areas like marketing communication services, telemarketing activities or events.


Marketing for high-tech companies has to be a holistic approach. Product, pricing, channel and communication strategies (including a well designed CI) have to be combined and focused on the targeted market segments.

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Successful marketing for high-tech companies and products in the IT and telecommunication markets requires specific knowledge, skills and experience. What makes these markets especially difficult is the speed at which market conditions, technology and channel partners change.


The topik Communication team has many years of experience with channels for IT products and services. Many of our customers use topik resources, ideas and experience to design and execute successful channel marketing and vertical marketing programs.


We have developed product marketing / channel marketing models and tools that ensure efficient programs targeted at channel partners.