Product Marketing


Quality and success of marketing programs and activities quite often depend on a deep and comprehensive understanding of products, technology and market dynamics. Topik Product Marketing services bridge the gap between traditional marketing and pre sales functions.

Many aspects of an already existing product have to be optimised to become competitive in specific markets. Messaging, marketing materials and sales tools have to be adjusted and localised if target market conditions make this necessary.

The same knowledge and experience that is is essential to deliver Product Marketing services is also needed to develop attractive products for international customers. Product Management functions extend the reach of a remote development team into the targeted markets.

Topik Channel Model

We are prepared to accompany and supplement our customers development and marketing team from drafting the first product specification through its entire life cycle. Product introduction, pricing strategy, messaging, analysis of markets, consolidating feedback, are just some of the tasks we assist our customers.


Competitive analysis and understanding the specific market conditions and mechanics are key to successful product marketing work.


The topik Communication team has many years of experience with channels for IT products and services. Based on this experience we have developed product marketing / channel marketing models and tools that ensure successful products and efficient marketing communication, targeted at precisely the required channel partners.